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November 16th 2017, 0 Comments
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Your Simple CV Checklist?

Pad and PencilsCV Writing Services, CV Writing Guides, they are all there to help you, and even here we’ve given you a guide to help you “Create an Interview Winning CV”, but if you are just looking for a simple checklist to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd then read on.


  • Have you created a list of experiences and achievements for your work and personal life?
  • Have you drafted and edited these phrases?

First Impressions:

  • Will it grab the attention of a busy employer who hasn’t met you?
  • Does it reflect their needs – what they want to “buy” rather than what you want to “sell”? – ask a friend to read your CV and covering letter and verify the position you are applying for  if they don’t think your background is relevant then neither will the employer
  • Do you sound an interesting prospect – someone worth investing in?


The “Look”:

  • Is the layout easy to read – does it make you look organised?
  • Have you followed layout best practice when constructing your CV? See our guide “Create An Interview Winning CV” for more detail.
  • Does the Employer have a specific format or file type they are looking for – if so is it in the layout they have specified?
  • Is the most important and relevant information on the first page?
  • Check if your CV is likely to be scanned, never send a staple, folder or faxed CV for scanning


Concise and Selective:

  • Have you described your results rather than your roles?
  • Have you backed up your achievements with evidence?
  • Are there any inconsistencies? Does everything match up?
  • Have you accounted for gaps in your employment history?
  • Is it factual and objective – highlighting achievements and focusing on outcomes rather than aims?
  • Is it relevant, truthful, brief, clear and personal?
  • Have you asked a friend to read your CV?


For a more in-depth guide on how to construct an interview winning CV – click here to see our guide – an if you have any questions, or looking or advice, why not email us at and your advice may appear in our blog.

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