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Easing the Staffing Holiday Headaches…

The recent spell of good weather has served as a timely reminder that this is the time of year when many ... 

June 19th 2017, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
We found the whole employing process very easy using your agency. We will happily...
Graham - Total Bathrooms
Altfield Ltd

Following the sudden termination of my position I found myself looking for employment in an ever demanding market. After initially signing up to several internet recruitment agencies, I felt the better way forward was to use local recruitment agencies, for that personal touch. I submitted my CV, which is quite diverse, to four companies, but only Sarah Matthews from White Horse Employment suggested I attend an interview with them so that they could get to know me, the skills I had to offer and the type of employment I was interested in.


This was the first time I met Sarah [Matthews]. She was very professional and thorough, explaining why they liked to interview, the reasons for the checks, how their company was organised and the procedures when I succeeded in gaining employment. She was relaxed and very personable, putting me at my ease whilst asking the relevant questions to gather the information she required. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm, knowledge and interest in the industry meant I left feeling very confident and that there was hope for me, unemployment is very demoralising even for a short period.


Within a couple of weeks I was indeed successful, through White Horse Employment Agency, in obtaining a position as Operations Manager for Altfield Ltd – a wholesaler in high end wall coverings, fabrics and leather. Sarah was supportive and always willing to answer any queries I had regarding the interview and techniques and supplied all the relevant information required before the interview. Once in the role she followed up on my progress and offered to be a liaison with any issues that I might have had.


As the company expanded and my role developed I soon found myself in need of her services. Sarah had taken the time to visit the office to see how we operated and note our employment roles and needs, so when I called her she knew the sort of person I was looking for. I was now dealing with her from the employer’s perspective. She was very knowledgeable on the employment laws and regulations and we discussed all the options of employment available. As it was my first time of interviewing she offered to sit in with me to guide and advise, and provided me with information regarding interviewing, preparation and questions to ask (and those to avoid) to bring out the best in the candidate. Knowing she was there if needed was very reassuring.


I have met Sarah on several occasions now, she has invited me to HR seminars that she has set up and helps to organise. For a small business and the vaguely initiated, these seminars are informative and a useful source of ideas, plus the chance to meet other employers in similar situations. We also have regular service meetings so that Sarah can keep up with our changing demands and also for her to let me know how White Horse are developing and the additional services they are offering, all developed from demand within the industry and customers’ requirements.




I have had dealings with Sarah Matthews from both employee and employer perspective. I have found her to be professional, knowledgeable, thorough and supportive in her approach. She takes the time to know and understand the person and business she is dealing with, which has led to short and successful recruitments. Her understanding of Employment Law is excellent and she delivers the information in a format the I can understand. Her enthusiasm for the industry and her willingness to share is shown in the seminars and regular newsletters keeping me updated with new legislation and amendments in law allowing me to act and prepare for change if required. Nothing is too much trouble for Sarah, I trust her judgement but equally know I can be open and honest with her on any issue. I look forward to a long lasting and mutually beneficial working relationship with Sarah.


Caroline – Operations Manager


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