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Easing the Staffing Holiday Headaches…

The recent spell of good weather has served as a timely reminder that this is the time of year when many ... 

June 19th 2017, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
From Office Administrator to Receptionist, both short term and ongoing assignments,...
Simone - Haydens Bakery
Cloud Heroes, JPCi Group

My name is Peter Wordley and I am Managing Director of Cloud Heroes, part of the JPCi Group.

In September of 2012, I started the search for a Business Development Manager to head up the sales team of our new division. Being hugely sceptical of recruitment agencies, I decided to go it alone. I placed some adverts, sat back and waited for the response.

At the end of November I was still waiting and the candidates that had responded were, frankly, very poor. And so I bit the bullet and asked White Horse Employment to help me in my search for a high-quality individual.

It is now Friday 11th January 2013 and my new employee has been with me for one week thanks to [their] help. [They] took my brief, interpreted it well and presented me with a number of excellent candidates, one of which we have employed. But the service didn’t end there. [They have] continued to assist me post-employment, helping me with remuneration and incentive advice as well as following up several times to ensure that our new employee is settling in well and performing as expected.

Well done, top marks to you, your service has been excellent. You have restored my faith in the use of recruitment agencies and I will certainly be referring you with confidence.

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