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Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiter’s perspective on the ... 

March 5th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do jobseekers say?
  White Horse have been incredibly helpful when finding me a temporary position after...more  
2019 – The year of work life balance

The times of dreading work on a Sunday night, working in a hostile environment and staying because ‘the salary is great’ are slowly deteriorating and becoming a thing of the past, because candidates want more. They want to feel comfortable and appreciated within the work place, enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds them throughout the year. Employee satisfaction and ensuring the environment is right now equates to priority number 1.  

A good working culture has always been a bonus, what employers have begun to appreciate is the positive impact it has on their business. Companies who have engaged workforces have found they are 21% more profitable and are also 4x more likely to see an increase in revenue. They have encouraged a culture where the employees feel valued and involved. Communication is open and welcome through all levels of the business, where ideas are listened too and contribute to the overall success.

Therefore, it is in a employers’ best interest to retain their staff by communicating and working towards an environment that people want to be a part of, but what does this have to do with temporary agency workers?

Temporary agency workers are usually called upon for specific projects, cover or to help with a workload increase however, the employment of temporary agency workers is on the rise. The obvious benefits being the quick turnaround, cost and time savings made but ultimately, companies are trialing the candidate before offering contracts and therefore have the peace of mind know they have the skills, knowledge and fit within their team.

But still, why does their engagement as a temporary member of staff matter when they may only be within the business for a week? The answer being that as above, the temporary member of staff could be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. It is vital that the temporary agency worker is treated with as much respect as a permanent member of staff whether they’re there for a week or a month and it all starts with making them feel like part of the team.

One of the biggest benefits of new temporary agency worker joining your team is their fresh approach, new ideas and contributions. By not valuing the temporary agency worker, the business as a whole may miss out on the positive impact this new individual could bring.

Not only bringing a new perspective into the company, but treated in the wrong way and not valued could have a detrimental effect on the already engaged team. One bad egg can ruin the whole fridge, even if they’re only there for a week.

Whether your team consists of permanent, temporary or a mix of both. Make sure every employee feels valued and included to get the best engagement and results.

Here at White Horse Professional Resources, we pride ourselves on building the communication and relationships with both our temporary agency workers and our clients to ensure the best results for all involved. Interested in having temporary agency workers within your business and how they can have a positive impact? Speak to our specialist Temporary Consultants on 01225 777157.

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