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January 2nd 2019, 1 Comment
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3 CV “bloopers” to avoid

CV_BlooperYou have spent time agonising over what to include on your CV, you have done your research and you know that you need to target your CV. You are happy with the content, but what are the top 3 CV “bloopers” that can be costly, no matter how focused you’ve been at marketing yourself.

A Spell Checker is for spelling… – Don’t be sloppy when finalising your CV, a spell checker is there for a reason and should be used to the best of it’s ability. Make sure that your word processor’s dictionary however is set to the correct language.

…BUT NOT for proofreading – you don’t have to be a master at English grammar, but you know yourself how easy spell checkers can miss simple grammatical mistakes. Yes, it’s important for you to have used your word processor to pick up mistakes, but there is no better alternative than letting others proof read your CV for you. Let your network of friends and family look over the final draft of your CV and get them to spot the errors that undoubtedly your spellcheck has missed.

Follow the instructions – The last hurdle for a jobseeker submitting their CV is the “format”, and often the one that causes the most issues. More and more job advertisements are appearing on-line and although it seems easier to apply this way, don’t fall into the trap. Read the advert carefully and follow the instructions. If the job advertisement you are responding to asks for a handwritten cover letter with your hardcopy CV; submit one; if they need you to complete an on-line application form; complete one, don’t just click “submit” and hope for the best.

Remember, your CV is your opportunity to market yourself to your potential employer, think carefully and methodically and you will avoid these CV “bloopers” in the future.

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