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March 5th 2020, 0 Comments
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Beating the Back to Work Holiday Blues

SuitcaseSummer, Winter, Easter… often times where breaks are taken from work and enjoyed, but as leave that holiday feeling far behind in the distance, many of us get that dreaded “back to work” feeling.

Suffering from post-holiday blues is commonplace and similar to the “New Year’s Resolution” affect, resulting in the reevaluation of many career paths, so what are our top tips to beating those blues.

  • Take a day – Rather than heading straight back to work, why not take an extra day’s leave for your own personal administration and to recover from your journey. The working week will seem less daunting and stressful if you have your own “house” in order first.
  • Be organised and ease into it – Don’t attack that backlog of work without a plan, you may be doubling up unnecessarily, wasting both yours and your colleagues’ time. Make a short to-do list of realistic tasks to be done in the first day or two, as well as those longer-term projects you may need to manage and try to keep your diary clear for your return – don’t put yourself under too much pressure.
  • Book your next break – May sound obvious, but by giving yourself something to work towards and look forward to makes completing that to do list much more appealing. Whether it’s a weekend away or a far flung trip to another continent, get planning.
  • Take a break – Go for lunch, catch up with your work colleagues, make sure you take your tea breaks and try not to stay late to catch up. By splitting the work day into smaller parts you’ll find your first days go so much quicker, you’ll also be more productive while you remain motivated and positive.

Whatever you do when you come back to work – REMEMBER don’t make rash decisions. After a couple of weeks, if you still can’t beat those post-holiday blues, maybe it’s time to move further on in your career path, but sit down and think over your options. Talk with family and friends before starting your job hunting campaign – you need to change direction for the right reasons, not just because of the “Holiday Blues”, and these decisions are not best made the day you get back to work.

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