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November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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David B
Finding the right career path

CareerPathDuring difficult financial times, the decision to make a career change may be taken out of the hands of some individuals. Whether the current economic climate has impacted on you, or you want to change your destination, how do you find the right career path?

As a youngster, when asked what we wanted to be when we grew up, our imagination knew no bounds, we often came up with some great answers – unfortunately however, most of us will never become an astronaut, surgeon or world class ballerina. As we journey through our education and career we tend to veer towards the subjects that interest us the most, or which we find the easiest. Developing those interests into a career is, in many cases, not a simple task.

Whether your situation lends itself to a career change or not, it is never too late to alter direction. By assessing the options that are available to you, you could find yourself moving in an different career direction, allowing you to develop both personally and professionally.

Likes and Dislikes – It may sound obvious, but many of us do not take the time to consider what we actually like and dislike, what brings out the best in us, before making our career decisions. We “fall” into a job. We don’t necessarily find what fits our personality, plus we all change as we mature.

Assessment – By simply jotting down your strengths, weaknesses, interests and most importantly your skills, you can begin to assess your options. You may surprise yourself and identify a career path you have not previously considered!

Skills – By being brutally honest about the skills you have, you will become realistic about the career options that are open to you. Returning to full or part time education and/or retraining may not be financially possible, but there are correspondence courses and grants available. Explore ways you can tailor your skills to your chosen career path.

Experience – Consider whether your ideal role is within the same industry you already have experience in. It is easier to switch jobs within the same sector, than retrain, and you may just need a more exciting challenge from another role or company.

Research – After assessing your skills and experience, research the latest developments in your chosen field, including the local and national issues facing that sector. By gaining knowledge and awareness, you make yourself more attractive to your potential employer.

Career Direction – Once you have identified where you want to go, “go for it”! Your future is the most important factor. The wrong job or career path can undermine your confidence, restrict your development and lead to great unhappiness

A reputable Recruitment Agency can help you gain all important experience, by providing Temporary or Part-Time options and helping you promote and market your background.

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