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New Year Career Resolutions

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January 2nd 2019, 1 Comment
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Finishing your studies? What’s next?

StudentsWhether you have been at University, College or in Compulsory Education, if you are looking to start your career, the move into the working world can be somewhat daunting, particularly in the current climate. Lots of people will be keen to give you advice and point you “in the right direction”, so a good plan is essential to keep you on track.


Get organised – whether you are looking for work experience or preparing for those first interviews, it is important you are organised. Create files and folders for the information you will be gathering, do the same in your Inbox, it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run and you can see everything in one glance.  It is also a good idea to create a specific email address to use whilst you are job hunting, with a suitable, professional name.


Do your research – you can never do enough research, whether that be in careers fairs or libraries, know the roles and the companies that you are interested in. It helps you by knowing that it is the role you really want and helps those who are going to employ you, by showing your enthusiasm and knowledge.


Prioritise – it is a good idea to write down a list of priorities that you want to achieve when looking for a position. This will allow you to remain focussed on your job hunting activities, and will act as a motivator when you realise how much you have actually achieved. Work smarter, not harder and you will achieve more.


Make a plan, and stick to it – You know what you want? Then go get it… Dedicate a block of time to job hunting every day, visit Recruitment Agencies, attend interviews, however don’t confine your search to one specific role with one specific company, from large multi-nationals to SME’s, there are plenty of opportunities to explore, and the start of your ideal career may be right in front of you.


Work experience – strengthen your CV by offering to undertake work experience, volunteering with a local charity or temporary work – it will also provide you with the opportunity to obtain a reference if you have limited actual experience.


Don’t give up – finding your first role can take determination and effort, if you are applying for a number of roles some companies may not give you the courtesy of a reply, or invite you for interview, but focus on the positive rather than the negative and don’t give up.


For further guidance on how volunteering could benefit you when entering the world of work, see our blog entry: How Could Volunteering Help Your Career? and you could get invaluable work experience whilst job hunting.


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