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November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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Happy New Career!

Your Career SignpostWith the last of the baubles and tinsel packed away, Christmas tree disposed of and mince pies eaten – thoughts turn to the New Year and beyond. New Year’s resolutions are paved with good intentions, and if one of your resolutions is a change in career, NOW is the time to consider your options carefully.


Making a career change could be the best decision you’ll ever make; opening new doors filled with opportunities you didn’t think were possible – but making this change is a big step. With all “big steps” in life it pays to think about where you are now, what you might expect from this change and how realistic a change really is.


It’s not just a change of location, salary or job market, you may need to look into updating your skills, there may even be a new career in the organisation you’re in now, so once you have an idea of what your new career might look like; here are a couple of things you may not have thought of when considering a “Happy New Career”.


It Takes Time: Changing career is not a quick fix, it takes time and this may encroach upon your free time too – you may need to work extra hours learning on the job, volunteer or study a course. Make sure you discuss this with those closest to you to ensure they support you in your decision. Remember that this also applies to career progression, you may be starting from scratch; make sure you consider the “next stage” when looking at your next career and what support or study you need to get there.


Many paths to the same goal: Once you have decided where your career path needs to go, look at the different ways you can get there – whether that be study or on the job training. You may want to look at a full time or part time course so that you can continue to work at the same time. Remember, it will take your free time, so pick the path that compliments your work-life balance.


Always have a backup: There is competition in most careers, but some are more competitive than others – it pays to have a backup plan. This plan may involve investigating other career paths in the same sectors that uses the same skills – having a backup gives you a focus if your chosen career path veers off track.


The decision to change career direction should not be taken lightly, discuss all of your options with friends and family and make sure you chose a path that suits you and will get you to your end goal with the support you need. For more advice on freshening up your CV ready for that career change and helpful job hunting tips, don’t forget to visit our Career Services Blog.


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