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Helping you to help yourself

Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiter’s perspective on the ... 

March 5th 2020, 0 Comments
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Helping you to help yourself

Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiter’s perspective on the process in order to give you best possible chance of securing the right role for you.

Employers and recruitment consultants really want you to be the right person for the role as they want the position filled and they are taking the time to interview you. First impressions count for everything in the process, so here are some useful pointers.



Keep your CV up to date. Even if you have been working within temporary assignments the past year in various businesses. There will be so many skills, data bases, systems and industry information that you pick up in that time that could set you apart from the other applicants and get you through the door. You might think one database is unnecessary, but it could be so niche that only a handful of Companies use it, add it to your CV.

Interviews are the first chance you get when job hunting to find out if the company is right for you. The Job Description was of interest to you and now you’re in front of the hiring manager and doing your best to impress however, are they impressing you? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, this move must be as right for you as it is for them. Ask yourself, will you be happy in their working environment? Is it the right move in your career? Does the position tick your requirements? Ask those questions and get your answers.

Communication is an amazing thing, whether you’re just keeping your options open and seeing what is available or actively job hunting. Don’t feel like you are being awkward, you really won’t be. If you have questions about a position you’re interested in, have applied for, interviewed for or accepted an offer for, ASK YOUR QUESITONS! There is never a wrong question and we’re here to support you and make finding a position as swift and smooth as we possibly can.


       Start applying for positions online and then wonder why your phone is ringing all the time from numbers you don’t recognise. People are calling you because they’re interested in your skills and experience so whatever you do, DON’T watch your phone ring out and then message them saying ‘who is this?’ because you may not be hearing from that person again which could ultimately mean throwing away a great opportunity. Be respectful, and make sure you return calls and communicate with people who are trying to help you.

       You’ve got an interview? FANTASTIC! Now, first impressions face to face are really important. It’s what is going to set you apart from the rest of the applicants however, there is a fine line. Arrive to your interview 10 minutes early? Great, you’ve made sure you’re slightly early and happy to wait until you’re called. It’s never a wise move to arrive too early though as the interviewer must decide whether to make you wait in reception or re-schedule their diary to see you early. Don’t put a potential employer in that position, make it an easy process for both of you.

      You’ve been offered a job? BRILLIANT! But now it isn’t quite right? This can happen, however, were you honest from the start? You may be in a position where you need to be out working and earning a wage and think you will accept anything until reality kicks in and realise that what you are being offered just isn’t feasible for you. Whether this is due to salary, location, transport or the position itself, set your parameters at the beginning and stick to them unless you really do think you can work around it. Have you for example spent the last 5 years working part time? Will full time hours now be a practical option? If not, then don’t apply for full time positions and change your mind at the last minute as it could leave a bad taste for all parties and affect your chances of a more suitable role in the business in the future. Honesty is the best policy and people will respect your requirements far more if you are up-front.

These are just a few pointers, but ultimately, you are in the driving seat throughout the process. If, however, you want to maintain strong relationships to keep future doors open then make sure you follow these tips.

For more advice or to help in your job search, call us on 01225 777157.

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