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November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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How To Make Job Hunting Stress Work For You

It is more important than ever for jobseekers to channel their job hunting stress in a way that is productive.

If stress becomes your normal way of life, it can wreak havoc on not only your wellbeing but also your health. Small amounts of stress, however, can be taken advantage of and used effectively to make positive steps, being used as motivation and allowing you to thrive under pressure. So what are our top tips for coping with stress and turning it to your advantage?

Go with it: Stress is inevitable in the job hunting arena, from writing an effective CV to attending interviews, there are hurdles to overcome, but turn them into bite sized hurdles and the mountain doesn’t seem so hard to climb. Recognise that a small degree of stress will act as a stimulant to spur you on. It is only when you can’t escape the stress that you need to re-think your actions. Make sure you plan in “you” time to relax and recharge in between job hunting activities.

Contingency is king: Going to a job interview? Got an Application Deadline? Don’t put it off; allow yourself extra time to complete the process or get there early so that you are satisfied from the beginning. Reducing your stress levels from the start is a good step forward and giving yourself time to plan and prepare is an excellent starting point.

Achievements are everything: Often stress focuses our minds on the negatives and what we need to do, rather than the positives and what we have achieved. Focus on your successes, however small, and concentrate on completing one task at a time to the best of your ability.

Stay Active: Go for a walk at lunchtime or make some time to get some fresh air during the day. Keeping your body active and getting away from the familiar surroundings even for a few minutes is an excellent stress reliever. This goes for your mind too, take a few minutes to expand your mind; you could read a newspaper, magazine or book, or do a crossword and this will help you to re-focus.

Job hunting can be stressful, but following our tips will make it a little easier to manage. To read more on the National Stress Awareness Day and their “Top 10 Stress Busting Tips” see:

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