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Is there a “right” way to resign?

KeyboardCongratulations, you have your new offer of employment in writing and have decided to accept, but what do you do now?

When it comes to saying “goodbye”, however hard it maybe, it’s important not to let your emotions get the better of you.

There is a “right” and “wrong” way to resign, you never know when you and your soon to be “ex-employer” will cross paths again, so take a step back, and follow these “Resignation Dos and Don’ts”.

Resignation Dos and Don’ts


  • Tell your line manager informally, face-to-face, before handing in a formal resignation letter.
  • Work out what you are going to say at your meeting and stick to it.
  • Be prepared for a counter offer from your employer, but do not be dismayed if it does not materialise.
  • Be prepared for being asked to leave immediately.
  • Do as much as you can to facilitate a smooth handover for your successor, including a “to do” list if necessary
  • Remain positive in your comments about the organisation and your colleagues as they could be good contacts for the future.
  • Respect your employer’s request to let other people know when it’s suitable


  • Hand in your resignation when you are feeling angry.
  • Focus on the negative; it’s time to think about the future.
  • Feel obliged to give specific reasons for your resignation, or divulge information about your new position and employer.

We have been asked to put together a guide containing simple steps on how best to resign from your current position, and some pertinent points that you may wish to consider during the resignation process, so click here to read our Jobseeker Guide containing our Resignation Advice.

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