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Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiter’s perspective on the ... 

March 5th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do jobseekers say?
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Is your social media profile job search ready?

Social Media ButtonsUsing social media as a job hunting tool can reap rewards; the benefits of finding your ideal job opportunity from the comfort of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with potentially very little effort is appealing.


But DON’T be fooled; if you can find job opportunities on social media, the organisations providing those opportunities can find you – and those “Saturday Night Fever” statuses. If you are on the job market and are thinking of using social media to find that next opportunity, here are our top tips to make your online profile “job search ready”.


“Delete, delete, delete” – A good rule of thumb, especially when job searching, is religious, political and sexual content should be kept well away from your social media profile. Take a look through your timelines and delete posts, pictures and comments that may touch on these subjects.


“It’s not just you” – your network of connections can have a positive or negative affect on your digital footprint – imagine being “tagged” in a photo at THAT party. It’s always best, while you are job hunting, to “unfriend” and “unfollow” connections that could affect how you are perceived by potential employers. Another good rule to follow is not to connect with people you don’t actually know – it could backfire in the long run. Manage your network carefully and don’t be afraid of breaking those connections that do not enhance your social media profile. REMEMBER you may be connected to colleagues and managers in your current workplace, so before you publicise that you are looking for your next position, check your connections and…..


“Think before you speak” – it’s the old adage, and you cannot go wrong when following this advice when posting to your social media profiles. Before you hit that “post” button, re-read your post and re-read it again – if it’s not a post that will impress or positively influence any potential or current employer, DO NOT post it – simple.


“Let’s go neutral” – if you are in any doubt of how you are being portrayed, a good piece of advice is to “go neutral”. Have two social media profiles – one personal for your friends and family with the privacy settings set as high as they can go, and the second – a more neutral, public professional profile, that you can use as a platform to chat about your interests that engages potential employers and your peers, setting you apart from the rest of the job search crowd.


Go ahead – Google yourself, what does your online reputation say about you? Managing your social media profile is essential when you are looking for, and in some cases want to be retained in, your ideal position. An inappropriate comment or picture could put your prospects in jeopardy, following our top tips will assist you in managing that profile but remember your social media is not only an excellent job searching tool but a great marketing tool to SELL YOU! Keep your social media profile “job search ready” and your next position could just be around the corner.


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