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Seasonal Temping

For some; Christmas is a “year-round” bargain hunt for those stocking fillers; however for many of ... 

November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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New Year, New You…

Career CrossroadsAre you at a Career Crossroads? A career, unlike a “job”, is personal; it’s tailored to your personality, situation and aspirations, and although looking for a new career direction is at the top of many peoples “new you, new year’s resolutions” many are unsure of how to go about it.


1. Reflect: Take stock of where you are and where you would like to be. By defining your career options and the goals you need to achieve to get there, the task will seem more manageable.


2. Focus: By understanding what is important to you as a person, identifying your skills, knowledge and experience, it will help you gauge what additional skills or experience you need and what you have to offer, what you may need to improve through training or volunteering options and how best to “market” everything to a potential employer.


3. Act: Decide what you want to do next and develop a strategy to make it happen. Having a plan focussing on playing to your key strengths makes it easier for you to stay on track and you will be more likely to succeed.


For over 20 years, White Horse Employment have placed thousands of jobseekers and provided commercial and professional recruitment solutions to hundreds of employers in Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond.


If you are looking for helpful tips and advice to help you if you are at a career crossroads, why not visit our Career Service Blog and see how some of the other helpful advice and tips we’ve put together to help you.


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