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New Year Career Resolutions

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January 2nd 2019, 1 Comment
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Online Job Searching – The Effective Way!

InternetResearching where to take your next career move can seem like a daunting task; but with the added flexibility that the internet has given jobseekers and mobile optimised websites for job hunting on the move, the task is becoming less time consuming.

Take heed, however – the speed of the online job hunt can lead to some jobseekers being complacent when it comes to their career choices and which positions they apply for; so here are some Top Tips for effective searching online and how best to focus your efforts.


  • Research EVERYTHING! – I cannot stress this enough – RESEARCH is essential – and the more you do, the more informed you will be on whether that career move is the right step for you. Start with a company’s website looking at their products and services, review their news pages, their social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, and Google them and their industry in general to make sure you’re in the know. REMEMBER companies also research potential employees, so make sure your online profile is both professional and up-to-date.
  • Know your package! – Look at the salaries being offered for the various job titles, skills they require and locations. It’s important to gauge whether what is being offered is a fair reflection in the marketplace taking into account the cost of living in the area. Be careful however, it’s not all about the money, look at the company benefits and perks being offered – is there a relocation package on offer? Pension provisions? Extended holiday allowance? Flexible working? Or even the experience you would get working for that organisation.
  • Choose your sites – No online job search would be complete without the use of job boards, whether they are generalist, niche or a belonging to your local recruiter. Make sure you’ve brushed up your CV before you create your profile, and sign up for email alerts and RSS feeds, allowing you to apply for jobs you are qualified for, and interested in, as soon as you can. Make full use of the advanced tools in the “job search” facilities to make sure you are getting the most accurate information into your inbox when you need it.

Remember, research EVERYTHING! Leave nothing to chance, stay focused on your interests and goals, using the online tools and resources at your disposal will help to simplify the job search process and make the most of your time spent online job hunting.

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