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Helping you to help yourself

Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiter’s perspective on the ... 

March 5th 2020, 0 Comments
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Three Tips for Summer Job Hunting

Newspaper - Help Wanted AdvertAs the British summer continues, you may be considering seeking a summer job to either tide you over until your studies resume, or to try your hand at something new to gain valuable experience and transferable skills. Here are a few tips to help you with that Summer Job Hunt and how to make it work for you.


1. Be realistic


You may have experienced the “one friend with the dream summer job” situation – the friend who is paid more, for doing less – it could seem that they have fallen on their feet in terms of their summer job, but, realistically are they the one in a million and will they learn marketable skills from the experience? Have realistic summer job expectations – even if a summer job doesn’t take you down your ultimate career path, you can learn both personal and job skills, sometimes its about building contacts and it could lead to a permanent job opportunity.


2. Be honest


With potential employers AND yourself – be honest with yourself in terms of the work that you will and can do. Initial conversations with potential bosses and recruitment consultants are of paramount importance. Don’t over-commit to the amount of hours you’ll be able to work and then back down later, and don’t claim you possess certain skills if you don’t. Being honest will open more doors to you in the long-run; including vital training opportunities.  If you oversell yourself and fail it can do more harm than good, to both your confidence and future references.


3. Ignore old advice at your peril


Especially in this economic climate, the number of your peers that are competing for the same summer job opportunities can be overwhelming. Don’t make it easy for a potential employer to take you out of the running early. From having your mobile phone switched on at interview to dressing inappropriately, the list of possible faux pas in a job hunting situation can be exhaustive. Take stock, listen to advice and then apply common sense.


Following these tips may not guarantee you that dream summer job; but they will put you on the right track. For more advice on how to “Write an interview winning CV”, or “Prepare for an Interview” take a look at the Careers Advice section of our website. Good luck with your Summer Job Hunt!


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