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New Year Career Resolutions

Moving your career in an improved direction is always a good thing; here are our top three New Year’s ... 

January 2nd 2019, 1 Comment
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Top Tips for Christmas Job Hunting

Christmas Job HuntingThe countdown to Christmas has begun in earnest, and if you are considering looking for your next career step; now is the time to get ahead in the game. Why not use this festive time to do a touch of job hunting preparation and avoid the “New Year, New Career” rush?

For a little motivation to begin your job hunt early; here are our three reasons why actively looking for work over the festive season will pay dividends.

Get a jump on January – The run up to January is full of reminders to start afresh and set new career goals – so why not set them early! Plan how you are going to achieve these goals – rather than firing off application after application you will reap the rewards of a structured approach started early. Avoid the January Jobseeker rush by maintaining your job search through the festive period, and you may be starting your new position when others are making their first moves.

Avoid the rush – More often than not, people who start work early in the New Year had to attend interview for that job in November or December, not in January, and for organisations that review their staffing needs at the beginning of each year, you’ll have a head start in case a need arises quickly.

Nothing like the holiday spirit – Do not underestimate the positivity and the “good will to all” that comes from festive celebrations. Make sure you take advantage of the holiday spirit when contacting hiring managers or trying to schedule interviews. This is also a time to keep your networking up, contacts are more willing to meet up as work demand slows and projects finish in time for the festive break.

By spending a little time thinking about where you would like your career to go, you can USE the last weeks of 2014 making sure that your career changes in 2015 work for you. What are you waiting for?

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