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Top Tips for Twitter & Your Job Search

Twitter Job SearchThe age of social media has opened doors for job hunters – vacancies are immediately accessible, job seekers can engage with potential employers, they can join in the conversation and stand out from the competition.


With so many social media platforms to use out there, how do jobseekers use them effectively to enhance their job hunt? Here are our top tips on using one of those platforms – Twitter, and how to make the most of “tweeting” your way to your next job.


The “Open” Network – the beauty of Twitter is in its openness, if you have a public account you can contribute and learn alongside your peers, no matter what level you are at on your career ladder or which industry you work in. The possibilities of building your professional “personal brand” awareness by contributing to discussions in a positive manner are endless. Follow the sector that you are interested in, the leaders and staff in that field, build your network and join in with the discussions you care and know about.


Lead On – Twitter is short, snappy and to the point, engaging tweets are the key – you may struggle however to cut down your CV to 140 characters, so use Twitter as a platform to lead potential employers to a more in-depth online profile – LinkedIn, your Blog, an online portfolio of your work – tweets can be an excellent personal marketing tool bringing employers to you. Make use of your bio too – you only have 160 characters, so be specific when stating what job you are looking for, your experience, followed by your email address.


Follow my leader – Particularly interested in a certain company or organisation? Search out any job related twitter handles that they may have, if you can’t find those, make sure you are following the company twitter handle and also their competitors. Company timelines are a bank of valuable information for jobseekers – especially handy when preparing for interviews, the latest news is immediate and can demonstrate that you care about your potential employer. Make sure you follow local recruitment agencies too, access to vacancies and helpful tips to help you with your job search are invaluable.


Take heed however – if you can find potential employers on Twitter, they can find you. Don’t be over professional as Twitter is a great showcase of your personality, but clean up your timeline before you start engaging with future employers, watch your language, and refrain from posting those “Saturday Night Fever” selfies – just for now! A professional personal Twitter brand can be damaged easily by an ill-timed or non-considered tweet. Good luck with your online job search and Happy Tweeting!

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