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Employment Law Recap & What’s New in 2019 – FREE* Employer Seminar

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January 10th 2019, 0 Comments
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Agency Workers Regulations Seminar

Which WayThe Agency Workers Regulations, designed to provide equal treatment for agency workers, is coming into affect on the 1st October 2011.


Is your business ready? What affect could it have on your business? Will there be an extra cost burden?


Whether you have a regular large temporary workforce, or use temporary staff to overcome an increased workload on an ad hoc basis, these Regulations apply as much to the hiring company, as they do to the supplying agency. It is therefore imperative that users of agency staff understand and are fully prepared for the implementation.


Now is the time to asses the impact and implement plans and processes to manage the administrative changes that the Regulations require.


This seminar focuses on demystifying the new regulations, will help you plan your own response to the changes, talk to other businesses facing similar uncertainties and seek advice from your local recruitment partner.


Thursday 9th June: 10.00am – 12.30pm, Registration: 9.30am
Cumberwell Park Golf Club, Bradford-on-Avon
Cost: £49.00 per person (excl VAT)*


The Speaker & The Guidance: The final guidance has been published…

The guidance document, published by BIS, follows a comprehensive consultation process with interested industry groups and individuals, including Paul Chamberlain, Head of Employment at Brabners Chaffe Street – a leading North West firm.


Paul is a recognised leader in the law relating to recruitment agencies and is the appointed employment law adviser to TEAM (The Employment Agents’ Movement), REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and ALP (Association of Labour Providers).


To assist local employers to understand their obligations, we have partnered with Paul to deliver an essential workshop that will guide you through the key stages and will cut through the complexities and confusion that surrounds the Regulations and the very latest published guidance. 


What does the workshop cover?

  • Background to the Regulations and what they are.
  • Who is an agency workers for the purposes of the Regulations?
  • What  is a temporary work agency for the purposes of the Regulations?
  • When does an agency worker qualify for equal treatment?
  • What does “equal treatment” actually mean?
  • What are the “day one rights”?
  • Who is liable for establishing equal treatment?
  • What do the rules say about pregnant agency workers?
  • Are there legitimate ways to deviate from the Regulations?
  • Anti-avoidance measures
  • Current case studies
  • What are the financial penalties for breach of the Regulations?
  • The next steps… do not miss out on this excellent opportunity to have your questions answered – register today by emailing or call 01225 777157.

To see further details, take a look at our monthly informational eshot –  White Horse Employment – Issue 53 May 2011 (AWR Seminar). We look forward to seeing you there.


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