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All Change for Families – Paternity & Maternity

Government pushes ahead with shared maternity leave from April 2011

Paternity Leave


Following the recent announcements by the Coalition on 17th January with regards to additional paternity leave, we have put together a brief guide on the forthcoming changes. Read Nick Clegg’s announcement on the BBC website.

Additional Paternity Leave & Pay Comes into force

  1. Employees who are fathers, or spouses or partners of mothers, of children with an expected week of birth beginning on or after 3rd April 2011, and;
  2. Employees who have been matched for adoption on or after 3rd April 2011 and are spouses or partners of the person taking adoption leave,

will be allowed up to 26 weeks’ additional paternity leave if the mother returns to work before using her full entitlement to statutory maternity leave.


In effect, the employee taking additional paternity leave “takes over” the period of maternity leave or adoption leave.

What does this mean in the Birth Situation?

An employee who qualifies for additional paternity leave can take between two and 26 weeks’ additional leave in the period that begins 20 weeks after the child is born and ends one year after the birth. N.B. The child’s mother’s period of maternity leave must have come to an end.


What does that mean in an Adoption Situation and what else do you need to know? Click here to read our latest Employer EShot for essential employer information.

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White Horse Employment Employer Mailsot (Issue 49 February 2011)

2 Responses to All Change for Families – Paternity & Maternity

  1. Shame I missed out on this in my day!

  2. John Hurne says:

    i just saw your comment this is really important to me

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