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Easing Christmas Staffing Headaches

The recent cold snap has served as a timely reminder that this is the time of year when many people prepare ... 

November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
We have used White Horse Employment for our recruitment needs for many years and...
Are you an Employer in the know?

From changes in CRB checks, to Family Friendly Working, what does it mean for you?


Throughout the summer months, there are a number of changes on the horizon within employment legislation – all of which you need to be aware of. With the fees for tribunal claims introduced and whistleblowing legislation amended, this month we focus on the forthcoming changes to CRB checks occurring this month.


Portable DBS Checks Introduced

As an employer, voluntary organisation or charity, you may wish to engage people to work with vulnerable groups including children; this may require the organisation to obtain a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check.


Previously known as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, the DBS provides a criminal record checking service allowing employers to access the criminal record history of people working, or seeking to work in certain positions.


If you are such an employer, from the 17th June, it will become easier to keep track of these applications via the new “Update Service”.


Once a DBS check has been conducted, the results will be available online to enable employers to confirm that no new information has been added since the check was originally made. This means that an employee will no longer have to obtain a new check each time he or she starts a new job.

The checking service is supported by additional online services, including:


• the online application tracking service that allows applicants and countersignatories to follow the progress of applications through the various stages of the checking process, and;


• the adult first service that allows an individual to be checked against the DBS adults’ barred list while waiting for a full criminal record check to be completed.


For more information on the DBS Update Service (via the website, and how this will benefit you, the employer, click here.

Flexible and Family Friendly Working… What does it mean for you? Employment Law Essentials FREE* Seminar

Those employers that embrace “flexible working”; say it attracts a supply of previously untapped talent. Research demonstrates that it assists in the retention of an existing valued workforce, retaining skills and experience that would be hard to replace.


No matter what your personal feelings, you still need to be fully aware of your obligations under the law.


In order to help our clients, White Horse Employment are partnering with Forrester Sylvester Mackett Solicitors to deliver a FREE* Employment Law Seminar that will guide you through employment law relating to maternity, paternity, pregnancy and adoption leave, alleviating the confusion that often surrounds “flexible working”.


For more information on the content of the seminar, click here.

Thursday, 18th July 2013
9.30am – 11.30am, Registration: 9.00am Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

* First delegate FREE, £20.00 plus VAT for each additional delegate attending from the same organisation
** Closing date for bookings: Friday 12th July 2013, please note cancellations after this date may result in “Additional Delegates” charges still being invoiced.


White Horse Employment – Issue 76 June 2013

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