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Employment Law Recap & What’s New in 2019 – FREE* Employer Seminar

2018 was supposed to be a quiet year for employment lawyers and HR professionals.   Whilst there ... 

January 10th 2019, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
From Office Administrator to Receptionist, both short term and ongoing assignments,...
Confidence in Consultants with Real Qualifications!

IRP MemberThe cost of getting hiring wrong can be devastating for any organisation. Staff time wasted and precious resources lost, in addition to the risks associated with a minefield of legislation.

You need to have confidence that your business is in the safe hands of an expert, trained and experienced, to manage all your hiring risks.

Who better to help than a qualified Recruitment Consultant and member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals? IRP Members stand for Quality, Excellence, Standards and Best Practice and are part of the recruitment industry’s leading individual membership body.

At White Horse Employment and Professional Resources, our consultants are proud to be Members of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP), the trade body for recruitment agencies and professionals in the UK, bound by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which details the Standards required to ensure employers and jobseekers receive a quality recruitment service.

Why choose an Institute of Recruitment Professionals member?

1.     We comply with all relevant legislation: minimising your risks, fully compliant with industry regulations in a fair and open way, working with us means that your corporate reputation is never at risk from non-compliant or scrupulous practices

2.     We remain trained and informed: working with knowledgeable consultants means you can rely upon their expertise, getting valuable advice and feedback every step of the way

3.     We promote equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace: your organisation will receive the benefits of having a diverse workforce whilst complying with Government regulations, safeguarding against unlawful or unethical operation

4.     We are open, honest and courteous: respecting your time, being open and transparent in all of our transactions with you, there will be no nasty surprises, everything is set out clearly from the word go. We operate with the highest principles of integrity so recruitment for your organisation is in safe hands with us.

5.     Your confidentiality is paramount to us: all company information is treated as confidential, and will not be disclosed to anyone beyond those involved in the recruitment process, safeguarding your brand and your reputation, a most valuable asset.

Proud to be an IRP MemberWorking with an IRP Member should be your starting point for every hiring choice, you can be confident that your recruitment is in safe hands with us. Call White Horse Employment on 01225 777157 today to discuss your recruitment needs.

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