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Discrimination Awareness – FREE* Employer Seminar

The law on discrimination applies to all employers – no matter how big or small and whatever sector ... 

May 23rd 2019, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
White Horse Employment helped us to hire our first recruit in a timely and cost efficient...
Employment Law Recap & What’s New in 2019 – FREE* Employer Seminar

2018 Employment Law Recap and looking forward to 20192018 was supposed to be a quiet year for employment lawyers and HR professionals.


Whilst there was not a huge amount of new legislation to grapple with, the courts were extra busy and gave lots of existing laws and established decisions a shake-up – including holiday pay, worker status, disabilities and an extension of when employers can be liable for wrongs done by their staff.


2019 is going to be a busy year. Discrimination will be a hot topic as well as employee data and monitoring…not to mention the employment law implications of Brexit.


To help support our clients, White Horse Professional Resources have teamed up with Philip McCabe, Principal Solicitor at McCabe and Co Employment Solicitors to offer a FREE* briefing to discuss how employers can protect their business and reputations and provide you with an invaluable opportunity to have your questions answered by an expert with a wealth of employment law experience.

Thursday 28th February 2019,
9.30am to 11.30am, Registration: 9:00am, Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

Email to book your place now!

What’s covered?

We’ll be reviewing the main changes that affect employment law and HR professionals including legislation and cases that may have passed you by.


We will also be looking at what 2019 has in store and how you can be prepared.


This informal and informative briefing is for anyone who has to manage staff and will give you the up-to-date knowledge and tools to keep you on the right side of the law.


* First delegate FREE, £20.00 plus VAT for each additional delegate attending from the same organisation

** Closing date for bookings: 22nd February 2019, please note cancellations after this date may result in “Additional Delegates” charges still being invoiced

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