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Recruitment: My first nine months

When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry ... 

February 28th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
Following a significant unplanned equipment outage, during a peak in production demand,...
How do you stop the ‘New Year, New Career’ frenzy from sweeping through your office? Employers take note!

The New Year has arrived, and your staff may now be re-evaluating their lives. What do they want to change? Travel more? See their friends or family more? Save some pennies or more importantly, do they plan on leaving your business?

As an employer, you need to be on top of your game and recognise changes in attitudes at work to help determine any red flags as you don’t want one of your star performers moving to a competitor.

Friday 31st January 2020 will statistically (based on previous years) be the busiest day of the year for resignations, so what can you be doing to mitigate the risk of losing talent from your organisation?

Communication is key and minimising theboundaries between team leaders, managers and directors have never been more important. By communicating within teams, departments and different levels within the business it can open doors, solve problems and ultimately save money but most importantly by opening that door, a level a respect and trust is reached because people have a voice and their ideas, opinions and concerned are listened to.


Following on from communicating with your team, updating them is just important. Allow your team to feel a part of the company and the journey. Listen to employees as any of them may have the answers or ideas you need to improving the business or launching a new product or service.


In this new decade, people don’t just go to work to pay the bills. They spend more time with their work colleagues than they do their friends and family and therefore being in a work environment that they enjoy and want to be part of is a top priority. This ultimately means the quality of work is higher because people care about their contribution, however, overlook employee dedication and loyalty at your peril.

No one is asking for a huge declaration of appreciation (although I wouldn’t say no to a holiday in the Maldives) but a little recognition such as a well done or an email acknowledging their hard work never goes unappreciated.


Reward hard work. No one does anything in life for free but not everyone works beyond their job description because they just fancied doing so. People want to impress, they want to stand out and they want to reap the rewards for going the extra mile.

Having a progression structure is a great tool to show employees what they need to do to get where they want to be. It gives them a structure, a mark to work towards and a purpose and ultimately the rewards follow.


Re-evaluating 2019 wouldn’t hurt, as an employer asking the questions of what went well and what went badly isn’t such a bad thing. NO ONE IS PERFECT and everyone has something they can improve on. Therefore, decide on what you want to achieve and change in 2020. Make sure you SHARE THIS WITH YOUR TEAM, GET THEIR IDEAS and have a cracking year!

2020, let’s have you 😊

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