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Recruitment: My first nine months

When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry ... 

February 28th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
We found the whole employing process very easy using your agency. We will happily...
Managing your on-line Brand to attract and retain talent

It is no illusion, businesses need to manage their on-line brand if they want to attract real talent.

Recent LinkedIn studies show;

  • 75% of candidates research the company reputation, on-line reviews and brand before applying for a job and
  • 83% of employers say that employer brand reputation in the market plays a significant role in the ability to attract and hire good employees.
  • 69% of candidates would NOT accept a job in a business with a bad reputation EVEN if they didn’t have a job!

These are powerful statistics and just proves that it should be nudged up your priority list in 2020.

In addition to social media, be aware of feedback on Glassdoor, Indeed, and of course Google. These are all easy to navigate and find on-line so make sure you review comments and feedback to ensure you respond appropriately. These can often be used by job seekers to form a first impression of your business long before any potential face to face interviews. They can also provide a great talking point to show that you listen to what people say about your business.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve your hiring performance in an already highly competitive market in 2020, take note! The best employers are already taking this seriously, are you?

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