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Recruitment: My first nine months

When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry ... 

February 28th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
We have used White Horse Employment for our recruitment needs for many years and...
Recruiting? Let’s talk about sole agency! By Tom Ralph

As recruiters, we regularly face the task of appointing staff into businesses on a multi-agency basis. This, as the term suggests, is when an agency is working on filling a role alongside several other recruitment agencies. This is often seen as the ‘smart choice’ by businesses as it results in competing agencies and should in theory speed up the recruitment process and provide an abundance of talented candidates. Whilst it can sometimes work, it’s not always the best option, here’s why.

What’s the problem with multi-agency?

When businesses choose to work with several agencies to fill one position, problems can arise.  Firstly, think about your brand image. Do the recruiters really know your business and what you stand for? Do they know all about your culture or will they simply be speed focussed and not quality driven? It has been known for agencies to send candidate CV’s without disclosing where they are being sent to. This results in candidate confusion and duplication, which is detrimental to candidate perception and brand image in the marketplace. In addition, recruiters could lose interest in going the extra mile if they are working against other recruiters in the market and could in fact slow the recruitment process down considerably. What really motivates recruiters is the ability to forecast revenue streams and dedicated exclusive assignments will more likely attract dedicated time and effort to get the job done correctly and efficiently. This is where the really good candidate matching takes place and results in total satisfaction from all parties.

The current job market is candidate centric, meaning candidates often have many offers to choose from. The perfect candidate may be presented with many opportunities, so yours must stand out from the crowd. A dedicated consultant will have all the answers to candidate questions and will be able to ensure that they are going to be the correct fit for your business. It also shows you are serious about matching the cultural fit along with skill-sets.

What’s the alternative?

Of course, there are always going to be exceptions, but why use several agencies when you can use one and retain a very strong relationship? By working on a sole agency basis, you can rest assured that your preferred supplier will have a strong understanding of candidate team fit. As we all know, team fit can be as (if not more) important than experience. Look to work closely with a recruiter who can offer discounted rates in return for commitment to the assignment. Sole agency assignments really do work, they can be cost effective and actually help build your brand within a candidate driven market. Win Win!

Here at White Horse Employment, we pride ourselves in building effective relationships that are both long lasting and well established. Using these relationships, we can identify and source candidates who would not only be able to perform well, but actually help to build your business.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you moving forward, give us a call on 01225 777157

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