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Recruitment: My first nine months

When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry ... 

February 28th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
The Whitehorse Employment Agency team understand the needs of their clients and are...
The benefits of using an agency in an ever changing digital recruitment world.

From a candidate’s perspective the recruitment process is a very different game these days. You may or may not be aware, there are now job boards that tell the candidate exactly when you have viewed their application as well as how many other people have applied. Therefore, responses to successful and unsuccessful applicants in a timely manner is more important than ever.

If you are advertising from your business directly with your company name, it’s not just the recruitment process from your point of view that needs to be thought about. We all know one unhappy customer tells at least 10 people they know, the recruitment process should be treated exactly the same as selling to a customer who walks through your door.

Reading your advert and applying for a job is the applicant buying into you. If the process is done correctly, the applicant has not only spent time adjusting their CV to show the skills and experience to suit what you are asking, most these days will also research your company as well as look at previous reviews from other employees from Glass Door and Indeed to see what they say about working for you. Some companies are now asking for video blogs to see personality or making cover letters a necessity, all making job searching turn into a full-time job in itself.

Therefore, investing their time in what is normally for most people, a stressful period and not receiving a response for weeks (if at all), leaves the applicant having a negative view of your company. If you were to invest your time into applying for a job which you believed you were suitable for, then never had any feedback from that company, would you ever deal with them again in the future?

So, when you advertise a job and get 50 (maybe even 200 applicants), the task of getting back to all of them without a lousy ‘you were not shortlisted’ email can seem daunting. This is why Agencies are here!

Employers often try to complete the process of bringing someone new on in favour of using an agency for cost saving reasons. Once you’ve added up the fees of job boards, spent time writing adverts, reviewing applications and providing feedback; the costs from labour alone start adding up beyond fees charged. This is before you even consider if you need to headhunt candidates for more senior positions, disregarding the value-added services agencies like White Horse Employment have to offer.

Things that you should consider before picking an Agency to Business Partner with:

  1. Do they give valuable feedback to all applicants?
  2. Do they have access to the best / fastest candidate attraction methods? I.e. Job boards used, head hunting tools available, current candidate pool.
  3. Expertise – have they successfully recruited for similar positions before?
  4. Salary and benefits benchmarking – Do they work with similar clients in the market to give you an idea what your competitors are offering?
  5. Do they understand the culture of your business? Will they spend the time to visit so as they can describe effectively to your prospective applicants and pick the right people for you?
  6. Will they save you time? Short listing for you and only send you top 3-5 CV’s to pick from.
  7. What alternative value-added services can they offer you?  Personality profiling and psychometrics, conferences and seminars, dedicated Account Managers, HR expertise etc.
  8. Trials – Do they offer temporary to permanent solutions? Giving you time to trial the candidate fit.
  9. Will they keep your company name anonymous?
  10. Will they provide you discount for using them as your Sole Agency or First Tier in any Preferred Supplier Agreement? 

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