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Recruitment: My first nine months

When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry ... 

February 28th 2020, 0 Comments
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What do employers say?
We have used White Horse Employment for our recruitment needs for many years and...
Time waits for no candidate!

In today’s world we all want everything NOW, this is no different for candidates and their job search. Thanks to today’s technology, candidates have a wealth of tools available to assist them including Recruitment Agencies, online job boards, Social Media, recommendations and referrals, internal opportunities – the list goes on. Apparently if it takes a candidate more than 15 minutes to apply online for a job, they just won’t bother, so the competition to attract quality talent is fierce. At White Horse Professional Resources, we work hard to attract and build relationships with our candidates, working really closely with them and meeting each one individually to really understand their requirements and match their skills and experience to the right role for them – especially important at the moment in this candidate short market. We also ensure that our clients are aware of our candidate’s job hunting activity every step of the way, making sure that our clients have an efficient recruitment process in place that is as swift as possible, with decisions on shortlists and interviews made quickly. Also, more importantly, there is no delay with the all-important offer and subsequent acceptance, this enables us to work collaboratively to secure the very best local talent for our clients!

By Sarah Collins – Manager, Commercial Division

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