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November 15th 2018, 0 Comments
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Top 4 Employment Law Changes in 2014

2014Employment legislation changes begin in earnest as 2014 sees a raft of law changes and service introductions coming into force. Employers, large and small, must be prepared, so here are our “Top 4” amendments that employers need to know.


Window for pension automatic enrolment extended

The time period available to employers for auto-enrolling eligible jobholders into a qualifying pension scheme increases from one month to six weeks on 1st April 2014, this also extends the deadlines for providing information to the Pensions Regulator.


Right to request flexible working extended to all employees

From 6th April, the Children and Families Bill extends the right to request flexible working, which currently applies to those with parental responsibility for a child under the age of 17 (18 if a child is disabled), or caring responsibilities for an adult, to all employees. The statutory process for considering requests is replaced with a duty to deal with the request in a reasonable manner and requiring the employer to notify the employee its decision within a “decision period” of three months. The 26-week qualifying period for employees to make a request for flexible working is retained as is the restriction that means that employees can make only one flexible working request in any 12-month period.


Statutory rates increase

On 6th April 2014, the rate of statutory maternity pay, ordinary and additional statutory paternity pay and statutory adoption pay increases from £136.78 per week to £138.18 per week.


Managing sickness absence – a new approach to be introduced in 2014

The Health and Work Service, is to be introduced. This is a new service providing health and work assessment and advisory service offering free occupational health assistance to employees, employers and GPs.


Initially indicated as coming into line in spring 2014, though not confirmed, the service will include an independent assessment of employees who have been off sick for four weeks, the purpose of which is to manage sickness absence more effectively, abolish record-keeping obligations for statutory sick pay for employers and abolish the percentage threshold scheme the provides compensations for employers with high levels of sickness absence.


Furthermore, the service will provide advice for employers, employees and GPs throughout the sickness absence process, and a case management facility for the minority of employees with complex needs who require ongoing support to enable their return to work.


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