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What to expect in 2011?

Employment Legislation Reminders


Throughout 2010 we have seen an abundance of changes in Employment Legislation. To keep you on the right track, here are a few reminders of what to expect in 2011 and where you can find further information if you need to.


National Minimum Wage (NMW)

Changes to travel and subsistence schemes

Announced in July, from the 1st January 2011 the NMW legislation will be amended to make clear that employers that operate travel and subsistence schemes will not be able to take the expenses paid to workers under the scheme into account when calculating whether NMW has been paid.


This means employers will need to ensure that they pay their workers in addition to any payments workers are entitled to under the travel and subsistence scheme. Read more


VAT Increase


Announced by the Coalition Government in the July budget, VAT is to increase from 17.5% to 20% from the 4th January 2011. Click here for an HM Revenue & Customers Guide to prepare.


New Guidance from the UK Border Agency


The UK Border Agency (UKBA), have published new guidance for employers on preventing illegal working. The helpful guidance includes updated images of acceptable documents, and guides you through the employment of students, asylum seekers and refugees. Click here to download your new guide from the UKBA website.

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White Horse Employment Employer Mailshot (Issue 47 December 2010)

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