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White Horse Employment and Professional Resources

Issue 48, January, 2011

Going... Going... Gone!
Beyond the Default Retirement Age

The Coalition Government intends to begin to remove the Default Retirement Age (DRA) from April 2011. This will mean that most people can work beyond the age of 65 if they wish.

Even though there is not a legal requirement for businesses to have a fixed retirement age, scrapping the DRA is a radical change to employment law which may have a significant impact on your organisation.

Offering flexible working instead of retirement can help you to retain skilled and experienced workers, reducing staff turnover, recruitment and training costs.

What are the legal issues?
From the 1st October 2011...

Sylvester Mackett SolicitorsThe Government intends for the DRA to disappear completely by 1st October 2011.

This means that each "retirement" after this date could potentially result in an unfair dismissal and age discrimination claim, meaning from April 2011 it will not be possible to issue new retirement notices. Under the transitional measures, staff could be retired between 6th April 2011 and 20th September 2011 provided the proper procedures are followed.

The policy that your organisation has on retirement impacts directly on staff retention and productivity, and ultimately the bottom line.

To assist our clients to understand fully the changes in legislation and the benefits of offering continued flexible working instead of retirement, we are partnering Sylvester Mackett to deliver a FREE* workshop that will guide you through the key stages and give you practical advice following these changes.

Thursday, 10th March 2011
10am - 11.30am, Registration: 9.30am
Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford-on-Avon

The Workshop will help you:

  • Identify the key operational challenges posed by the abolition of the DRA
  • Consider changes that will be required to your policies and procedures - i.e. are your capability/performance procedures fit for purposes post DRA?
  • Understand what is involved if you are seeking to "objectively justify" a compulsory retirement age
  • Consider the future management of "retirement" in a flexible workplace - assisted planning, variable hours, flexible working.

*First delegate FREE, £20.00 plus VAT for each additional delegate attending from the same organisation
**Closing date for bookings: 4th march 2011, please note cancellations after this date may result in "Additional Delegates" charges still being invoiced