White Horse Employment and Professional Resources

Issue 62, March 2012

Queen's Jubilee & London 2012...
Flexible working and workforce planning

London Olypics 2012 LogoWith the Queen's Jubilee and London 2012 fast approaching it's essential that you plan ahead to reduce the effect on your business and ultimately the bottom line. Business continuity is key, so what can you do to ready your business.

The key objective is to  have a plan in place to minimise loss...

A staffing contingency plan should be in place to cover staff non availability, as such it's essential to consider the following: 

  • Feasibility of home working,
  • Temporarily altering working hours,
  • Direct recruitment of staff on short fixed term contracts,
  • Use of agency staff for all levels of positions, ranging from basic support staff to interim management cover, whilst an additional expense at the outset, agency staff are priceless in terms of business continuity. (Agency staff can provide skills you may not ordinarily have within your organisation and may provide the opportunity to implement a new project)

Thinking through the risks and the changes you need to make to your operations is relevant to the Queen's Juville and London 2012, but also a number of other business critical events, remember business readiness is business critical.

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Share your opinion...
And raise funds for charity

We are calling on all organisations based in our local geographical area to get involved by sharing their thoughts on operating expectations over the next 12 months in our latest market intelligence report - "2012 Business Outlook Survey", and raise funds for charity in the process.

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By sharing the information, organisations can get a better measure of the local economy. The results will give an invaluable snapshot of local business outlook, an excellent tool for future workforce planning and will be made available to all organisations taking part in this easy, quick and confidential online survey.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home Logo NSPCC Logo
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To say “thank you” for participating, for completed submissions received by the 31st March 2012, a charitable donation will be made to either Help for Heroes, Alzheimer's Support, the NSPCC or Bath Cats & Dog Home – a choice given to those completing the survey.

The “2012 Business Outlook Survey”, only takes a few minutes to complete, and we look forward to your contribution and your choice for a charitable donation.

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