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Issue 64, May 2012

Pensions Reform...
Employer essentials

As an employer, it is essential you get things right when employing or recruiting staff and in what could be one of the biggest challenges of the year, pensions auto-enrolment begins.

Auto enrolment (AE) into employer's workplace pension schemes starts its roll out in a matter of months. Adding a whole new level of regulations to pensions, virtually every employer will be effected. The process starts with larger organisations so HR departments and finance departments will need to work closely together to ensure their organisation isn't penalised by the Pensions Regulator.

No business can afford to ignore pensions reform with financial penalties awarded for non compliance.

How can we help you?
Hosting a FREE* Employment Seminar

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If you are a business owner, HR Professional, Payroll Manager, Finance Professional, Director or Manager, you will find this informal presentation of benefit.

To assist local employers to understand their obligations, we have teamed up with Jones Hill Independent Financial Advisors and Accountants and Sylvester Mackett Solicitors to deliver a FREE*  essential workshop that will guide you through the complexities of pensions reform and how you can be prepared for these changes.

Delivered in plain English, by pensions and employment law experts, this workshop will give you an early view of how AE will effect you, and how you can safely navigate many of the tricky issues.

Thursday, 21st June 2012
9.30am - 12.00pm, Registration: 9.00am Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

What does the workshop cover?

Seminar highlights include identifying the most common claims employers face when considering:

  • What does auto enrolment mean for your business?
  • Which employees are included?
  • What your HR team need to know, what they need to do and when,
  • How much money auto enrolment could cost you, and over what time period,
  • How to avoid the harsh penalties from the Pensions Regulator,
  • The steps you need to take in assessing your workforce,
  • The likely questions your employees will raise, and how to answer them,
  • Pension providers – what to look for and when to consider changing,

Our workshop is designed to help keep you, and your managers, up to date with pensions reform and give you the confidence in dealing with any pension queries that arise.

Why should you attend?

These new responsibilities will have a significant administrative and financial impact on your business so it is key that you start preparing now.

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