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Issue 68, September 2012

The Social Media Phenomenon...
Employment Law Essentials FREE* Seminar

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Employment Tribunals have seen a growth in cases related to internet and email misuse, and employers are right to be increasingly concerned about personal use of social media by employees.

Employment law is one of the most complex and fastest developing areas of law where small mistakes can be costly, and with the emergence of social media as a core communication method to potential customers, suppliers and employees alike, it essential you get this right.

How can we help you?
Hosting a FREE* Employment Seminar

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If you are a business owner, HR Professional, Director or Manager who manages employees, you will find this informal presentation of benefit.

In order to help our clients, White Horse Employment and Forrester Sylvester Mackett Solicitors will be running a FREE* Employment Law Seminar dealing with the rapidly increasing use, and abuse, of social media and the internet in the workplace.

Philip McCabe, Associate at Forrester Sylvester Mackett Solicitors, will help employers identify the main legal issues you need to be aware of to ensure your business is properly protected and how best to avoid potential Employment Tribunal claims.

Thursday, 29th November 2012
10.00am - 11.30am, Registration: 9.30am Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

What does the seminar cover?

The seminar will focus on:

  • Ownership of social media/business contacts
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Misconduct
  • Loss of productivity
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Damage to the employer’s reputation
  • Human rights/monitoring online activity
  • Social Media policies

Why should you attend?

This informal workshop is designed to help you, and your managers, to look at the various employment law and HR issues that arise in this area of growing importance in the modern working environment.

The responsibilities surrounding social media has a significant impact on your business, so it is key that you are prepared.

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