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Issue 75, May 2013

Flexible and Family Friendly Working...
What does it mean for you? Employment Law Essentials FREE* Seminar


Faced with a barrage of constantly changing rules and regulations, employing staff is a potential minefield for any employer - from the smallest family run business to the largest multinational organisation. Like it or loathe it, parental leave and “family friendly legislation” is here to stay.

Those employers that embrace "flexible working"; say it attracts a supply of previously untapped talent. Research demonstrates that it assists in the retention of an existing valued workforce, retaining skills and experience that would  be hard to replace.

No matter what your personal feelings, you still need to be fully aware of your obligations under the law.  

How can we help you?
Hosting a FREE* Employment Seminar

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The times when difficulties can arise and things can go wrong are normally during the period of parental leave and when an employee returns to work.

In order to help our clients, White Horse Employment are partnering with Forrester Sylvester Mackett Solicitors to deliver a FREE* Employment Law Seminar that will guide you through employment law relating to maternity, paternity, pregnancy and adoption leave, alleviating the confusion that often surrounds "flexible working". 

If you are a business owner, HR Professional, Director or Manager who oversees employees, you will find this informal presentation of great benefit.

Thursday, 18th July 2013
9.30am - 11.30am, Registration: 9.00am Cumberwell Park, Bradford-on-Avon

What does the seminar cover?

The seminar will focus on:

  • How far does flexible working extend?
  • What should your flexible working policy include?
  • How to respond to a flexible working request
  • Part time worker regulations
  • Time off for dependants
  • Parental leave
  • The overlap with sex discrimination laws

Why should you attend?

By the end of the workshop session, your delegates will:

  • Understand how to deal with requests appropriately
  • Be able to manage a flexible working request
  • Know how to assess when it is ok to say “no” •
  • Confidently address requests for time off for family reasons
  • Be sure to minimise the risk of an indirect sex discrimination claim. 

Book your place on our seminar today by emailing me: emma.roberts@wh-employment.co.uk or click to book through Eventbrite.

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* First delegate FREE, £20.00 plus VAT for each additional delegate attending from the same organisation
** Closing date for bookings: Friday 12th July 2013, please note cancellations after this date may result in "Additional Delegates" charges still being invoiced