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Our Policies

Ethical Trading Policy

The Company recognises both its own ethical trading issues and its customer requirements and concerns in relation to such matters. The Company has a total commitment to the safety, quality and legality of its services, and to the environment and employment ethics.


The key issues recognised are:

  1. Child Labour
  2. Forced Labour
  3. Working Conditions
  4. Health & Safety
  5. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  6. Working Hours
  7. Equality of Treatment / No Discrimination
  8. Wages
  9. Security of Employment
  10. Immigration Law
  11. The Environment
  12. Staff Facilities
The Company ensures that all its customers’ Codes of Practice on Ethical Issues are recognised and included within our own working methods.
  1. The company is in compliance with all relevant employment legislation.
  2. Information is received through employment information bodies, with information concerning forthcoming change being received in advance of change.
  3. Management systems are in place to ensure the consistent delivery of all requirements.
  4. Policies and procedures are audited by internal and external audit bodies (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) and recorded.
Employment of Children
  • No person under sixteen years will be permanently employed. Under 16’s may be given the controlled opportunity for gaining work experience.
  • Where there is any doubt concerning the age of an individual, a birth certificate and National Insurance Number must be supplied and verified.
  • Risk assessments will be carried out with regard to employment of any employee less than eighteen years of age and copies sent to the parent or guardian. Under 18’s will not work throughout the night, will work only in compliance with the Young Workers Directive, and will be protected from hazardous substances and conditions.
Forced Labour
  • There is no forced, bonded or involuntary labour of any description.
  • Workers are not required to lodge deposits or identity papers to remain in employment.
  • The company has an Equal Opportunities Policy and strict disciplinary guidelines to ensure the following does not occur:
    • Physical abuse or the threat of physical abuse
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Intimidation, including verbal abuse
    • All forms of negative discrimination
Working Conditions
  • Working conditions will be kept to the highest possible standard at all times, and any employee concerns raised will be responded to immediately. Issues may be raised through:
    • Employee meetings
    • External Audit Reports
    • Internal Audit Reports
Health and Safety
  • The company will comply with all national and local health and safety laws. In order to comply the company will maintain the following:
    • Health and Safety Policy
    • Risk assessment systems
    • Internal and external audit systems
    • Supply full training and monitoring of workers, with full record keeping
    • Full fire risk assessment and emergency evacuation plans, exercises and records
    • All accidents and injuries will be recorded, investigated and reported as necessary
    • Liability insurance is in place
Freedom of Association and Employee Representation 
  • The company will not discriminate against any employee who chooses to have membership of a union or any other association.
  • Employees are supplied with full Terms and Conditions of Employment, and a Company Handbook upon employment.
  • Special conditions are explained during selection interview, and upon induction of successful candidates.
  • Any change to Terms and Conditions are notified to employees directly with the correct notice periods.
  • There is a full Grievance and Appeals procedure.
  • Employees are given full consultation rights and opportunity with regards to employment and health and safety issues.
Working Hours
  • Employees are not expected to work in excess of 48 hours per week on a regular basis. The company has a monitoring system and action is taken to comply with this.
  • Overtime is paid in accordance with national legislation. Employees are advised during recruitment that overtime may be a requirement within their Terms and Conditions of employment.
  • Overtime is limited to a maximum 12 hours each week, with a maximum 48 hour limit.
  • All breaks, holiday allowance and rest periods meet and / or exceed requirements of national law.
Equality of Treatment
  • All workers, subject to ability, have access to jobs, training and benefits on equal terms. There is no discrimination on the basis of gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, colour, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, Union (or non-union) membership, religion, caste or social origin.
  • Workers are not expected to perform duties incompatible with their physical or mental abilities.
  • The company has:
    • Equal Opportunities Policy
    • Disciplinary Procedures
    • Grievance and Appeals Procedures
  • Training is given to the management team to ensure compliance of the above.
  • All wages and salary payments are in excess of the national legal minimum and in excess of locally benchmarked industry norms.
  • Wages/salaries are paid direct to bank at agreed weekly/monthly intervals and a full pay statement issued for each payment.
  • No deductions from wages/salary, other than required by law, are taken from agreed amounts without the permission of the worker.
  • There is no discrimination applied to wages/salary, with all employees being paid equal pay for equal work.
Security of Employment
  • All workers receive Terms and Conditions of Employment during Induction.
  • Workers may leave employment after giving reasonable, pre-employment agreed notice.
  • Disciplinary procedures are documented in the Employee Handbook. All disciplinary measures and action taken are recorded, and disposed of once ‘spent’.
  • Workers are encouraged to participate in the state benefit schemes and retirement pensions. The company has a sick pay scheme.
Immigration Law and Compliance
  • Only workers who have a legal right to work will be employed or used.
  • All workers, will be validated for their legal right to work by reviewing original documentation only before they will be allowed to commence work.


  • The company recognises the need for care of the environment and the issues surrounding this sensitive area.  
  • The company has an Environmental Policy in place which covers, energy, waste, transport, and conservation.
  • Accommodation is not provided, nor do we have migrant workers.
  • Drinking water and toilets are provided and are of a very good standard
  • Transport is not provided.