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White Horse Employment celebrates

White Horse Employment, have given away £25,000 of recruitment vouchers  in celebration of achieving the highest standard of recruitment best practice - REC Audited Status - recognised as the “best of the best” of Recruitment practice.
White Horse Employment remain part of an exclusive club - one of only a small percentage of agencies of an REC estimate of over 11,000 agencies nationwide – A club where members stand for Quality, Excellence, Standards and Best Practice.
“The cost of making bad hiring decisions can be devastating for any organisation looking for the skill sets to drive them out of the recession” said Beverley Glover, Managing Director, “the time and resources wasted can be incalculable, organisations need the confidence that their hiring is in the hands of a recruitment expert.
“What better way of demonstrating how an REC Audited agency can reduce their recruitment costs by putting our money where our mouth is and giving something back to the clients who made this all possible?” Beverley added, “our clients can be confident in our professional service and the team delivering it.”
Sarah Matthews, Recruitment Manager commented “working with an REC Audited member is the starting point for every hiring choice and raising awareness of this accreditation, is essential to ensure employers and work seekers receive a quality recruitment service. It’s certainly worth its weight in "Gold”, that a clients’ recruitment is in safe, experienced hands”.