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White Horse Employment Business Outlook Survey reveals local businesses still optimistic for growth

Business confidence remains high for Wiltshire and Somerset businesses despite economic uncertainties according to the White Horse Employment Business Outlook Survey – their latest market intelligence report available to local employers.

Inviting local organisations to share their thoughts regarding operating expectations in 2012; White Horse Employment were keen to produce a summary report to serve as an invaluable market intelligence tool for future workforce planning.
According to the survey released earlier this year, local businesses have painted an optimistic picture for the region and its local population with over half of respondents (54.4%) predicting growth, and over a third (35%) forecasting an increase in staffing levels.
Whilst there is a positive outlook to 2012, there is evidence of skills shortages in specific areas, where training and development issues need to be recognised. Forward planning in specific job categories will be key to achieving growth for local employers. 
“It is encouraging to see local businesses feeling more confident and many organisations predicting a period of growth in 2012, and thank you to all who took part”; commented Beverley Glover, Managing Director.
“I found the Business Survey Outlook report very informative”, added Sarah Fox, HR Manager at TBT Ltd. “It was really interesting to find out how other companies are faring in the local area and also if they suffer the same or different recruitment problems as we do with our language requirements.  Excellent report, look forward to the next one.”
If you are interested in receiving a copy of the 2012 Business Outlook Survey Results Summary report, email us at for more information.