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White Horse raises Awareness on Social Media with Employers

According to the findings of a survey published this week 80% of Wiltshire businesses use social media to engage external audiences with over half (57.1%) not having a Social Media Policy in place.

A snapshot of the Social Media usage by employers has been under taken by Trowbridge-based White Horse Employment, which invited delegates to take part when attending their latest Employment Law Essentials Seminar.
“In today’s technological world, organisations and HR professionals need to be acutely aware of the importance of social media in multiple functions throughout the business, how employees within their organisation are using it and for what purpose,” said Beverley Glover, Managing Director of White Horse Employment, “this is why we thought it essential to highlight this topic to local employers.”
“Organisations, as a whole, need to think carefully of the legal implications surrounding social media and the use of such; and those who do not have a Social Media Policy in place are strongly encouraged to do so,“ advised Emma Roberts, Support Services Manager of White Horse Employment.
When recruiting, 35.7% of respondents reported that they look at an applicant’s social media profile e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, however HR professionals were warned that this may lead to legal action in terms of discrimination. “When recruiting, HR professionals are urged to keep context in mind when reviewing the details of potential applicants social media footprint - it is very easy to make judgements based on incomplete or misleading information,“ added Emma.
“Social Media is an important networking tool used to share and disseminate information not only to external audiences, but industry peers and employees and used in the correct manner, social media can be seen as an opportunity, rather than a threat.”
“Our seminars, aimed at HR professionals, Directors and Business Owners, are run every quarter, providing local organisations with essential expert advice on varying topics. From Social Media to Absenteeism, Immigration Awareness to Pension Reform, our seminars should be on every organisations calendar,” commented Beverley Glover, Managing Director at White Horse Employment, “as a service to the local business community we organise speakers and venues, and offer free places to the first delegate from an organisation.”
If you are interested in White Horse Employment’s programme of events; email Emma Roberts at to be placed on their mailing list.