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White Horse Employment goes Mobile!

Leading Wiltshire-based recruitment agency, White Horse Employment has launched a new mobile website, increasing their accessibility to jobseekers on the move.
Jobseekers can search for jobs quickly, and all registered jobseekers can log-in to their White Horse Employment account and apply for temporary, contract and permanent vacancies, easily and instantly with just the tap of a button from their mobile devices.
Since the launch of their new website in 2011, White Horse Employment has seen ever increasing numbers of visits to their website from a range of mobile devices, regardless of a jobseekers location, without the restrictions to be near a PC.
“We wanted to improve the speed of the recruitment process,” said Emma Roberts, Support Services Manager, “for jobseekers and hirers alike. By making the job search experience easier, with the introduction of our mobile website adding greater accessibility for jobseekers to the job opportunities we have, we hope this will (be achieved).”
“Our mobile site takes on different characteristics to those in our conventional website, making it more user-friendly and effective, with an easy to browse and clear layout regardless of the size of your device.” Emma also put followers of their blogs at ease; “jobseekers and employers can still access the full site to see our Career Services or Employers Blogs, through the mobile site, so you can keep up-to-date with the latest advice from our team.”
“We believe that the White Horse Employment mobile website will change the way people use mobile technology in their job hunting campaign, by giving them full access to all our vacancies immediately—whenever and wherever.”