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Employer Services Blog
Recruitment: My first nine months When I first joined White Horse in May 2019, I had no experience of recruitment whatsoever. The industry was alien to me. My previous jobs have been in retail, which despite being customer facing and dealing with people every day, recruitment was st... February 28th 2020 , 0 Comments Click here to read more >
career Services Blog
Helping you to help yourself Job hunting is a daunting task for everyone, so we want to give you a recruiterÂ’s perspective on the process in order to give you best possible chance of securing the right role for you. Employers and recruitment consultants really want you to be the right person for the role as they want the position filled and ... March 5th 2020 , 0 Comments Click here to read more >
What do employers say?
  From Office Administrator to Receptionist, both short term and ongoing assignments, the calibre and personality of the people... more  
What do jobseekers say?
  Thank you again Amiee for putting me forward for this fab role. I am really impressed with the way the whole process has been... more