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Meet The Team

Beverley Glover, FIRP - Managing Director

Beverley Glover, FIRP - Managing Director
Working in HR for 16 years, for larger employers who embodied best practice in their recruitment, and were committed to training, development and employee retention, was a fantastic grounding in people management, and when I bought the company in 2000 I knew exactly how I wanted to mould an HR led recruitment business. 
Throughout my time in HR I had often been on the receiving end of agency service and felt passionate about the standard and quality of service I wanted White Horse Employment and my team to offer.  Managing a professional, ethical and quality driven company is the only way we want to operate.
We have a team who care about what they do, and with extensive experience of the local recruitment market, they always go the extra mile, and we truly believe that we offer an outstanding level of service. A service which is based on sound recruitment procedures, exceeding the industry norm and strives to provide a personal consultative approach, tailored to individual needs. Our aim is to make people’s lives easier.
We strive to consistently review and improve the service that we offer, and are always interested in receiving feedback and am happy to respond personally to any comments and suggestions regarding your experience with the company. Please email me at feedback@wh-employment.co.uk.