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Meet The Team

Beverley Glover, FIRP - Managing Director

Beverley Glover, FIRP - Managing Director
Working in HR for 16 years, for larger employers who embodied best practice in their recruitment, and were committed to training, development and employee retention, I found it a fantastic grounding in people management, and when I bought the company in 2000 I knew exactly how I wanted to mould an HR led recruitment business. 
Throughout my time in HR I had often been on the receiving end of agency service and felt passionate about the standard and quality of service I wanted White Horse Employment and my team to offer.  Managing a professional, ethical and quality driven company is the only way I want to operate, and working and living in the local area I am proud of the service we offer both to job seekers we work with, and the organisations we work for.
I have a team who care about what they do, and with over 40 years combined experience of the local recruitment market, they always go the extra mile, and I truly believe that we offer an outstanding level of service. A service which is based on sound recruitment procedures, exceeding the industry norm and strives to provide a personal consultative approach, tailored to individual needs.  I know that my team will go out of their way to make people’s lives easier.
I love working with organisations to help develop recruitment campaigns, and draw up a strategy to find the best talent for their opportunity, I can empathise with their concerns, and work hard to find the right employment solution, you never lose the “buzz” and the job satisfaction you get when you get things right.

I strive to consistently review and improve the service that we offer, and I am always interested in receiving feedback and am happy to respond personally to any comments and suggestions regarding your experience with my company. Please email me at feedback@wh-employment.co.uk.