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Meet The Team

Sarah Matthews, FIRP, CertRP - Recruitment Manager

Sarah Matthews, FIRP, CertRP - Recruitment Manager
I started my career in recruitment in the late 90’s, and joined White Horse Employment when I relocated to Wiltshire in 2001. Having previously worked for a National Agency I wanted to work for an independent business that would allow me greater autonomy and influence over the level of service offered to the companies I worked with, and a reputable agency who were market leaders in delivering value added services.  
I consider White Horse Employment to be a “boutique” agency, offering not only a more personal consultative service, but also delivered by consultants that genuinely care about a clients long term needs.  It’s a great organisation to work with, where relationship building and our team are key to our continued success.  I have been given the freedom to influence the way we operate, the service we provide, and manage a great team of consultants who all share the same passion for our business. Over the years I have made some very good friends with employers, job seekers and colleagues alike.

I find that working with people, gives me a real high when everything comes together, finding the right candidate for our clients or our candidates their ideal job, but it can also present its own challenges - things don't always go to plan, however my team and I strive to provide the best level of service available, we can literally lose sleep when things go awry.  However, whatever happens we always come back with a solution. We care passionately about what we do and I am proud of the positive feedback we have received, so I am always ready to listen to any comments you have, good or bad for us to improve upon the service we offer.