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Meet The Team

Emma Roberts, MIRP - Operations Director

Emma Roberts, MIRP - Operations Director
Moving around the UK and Europe was very much part of my lifestyle, and when I moved to Wiltshire in 2006 I hadn't envisaged finding a role or company that I would love to work with so much. 
Supporting the team I get involved with all aspects of the business and love the fast moving pace of recruitment, which is ever changing and multi faceted. Creating innovative and bespoke advertising campaigns plays to my creative and artistic talents, and researching advertising media keeps me up to date with market trends.
Never knowing what each day will bring adds a touch of excitement to the role and whether it's attending business meetings with trade associations, organising seminars, creating mail shots or reviewing and updating IT systems to ensure we remain at the leading edge of the recruitment market gives me plenty to think about.
Anything I, or the Support Services team - Julie and Lucy, can do to make sure the consultants are free to focus their time and energy on employers and jobseekers means that we can continue to provide an unrivalled service. 

Julie Butcher – Support Services - Payroll Administrator & Credit Control

Working for my previous employer for over 20 years it was terrifying to think of taking up a new role.  Joining White Horse as a temporary worker was a big step, but the team were so friendly and supportive that I settled in really quickly and was over the moon when I had the chance to join them on a permanent basis.  Ensuring our temporary workforce is paid correctly and on time is a big responsibility but I know having temped myself how important it is to have your money in the bank on the right day. If you have any Payroll queries, please do not hesitate to email me at payroll@wh-employment.co.uk.