The Interview Experience


The Interview Experience

Posted 06 October 2021

​Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for both parties!

But, are candidates doing all they can to maximise their chances of success?

The interview process should be a fulfilling and a 2-way opportunity for both parties to get the greatest understating of each other.  This could be the only chance for the candidate to gain enough understanding to make a decision as to whether the role and business is right for them.

Whilst the employer is looking to recruit the best fit for their team/business, the candidate must also ensure that they are asking the questions they need to prepare for a potential employment offer, especially in this current candidate driven market.

It might be time to familiarise yourself with the basics of interview techniques;


An obvious one – but have you researched the company? –  ask about the company vision and culture and career development. What’s expected and what can you look forward to?


You need to know your own unique capabilities and what you can bring to the business. In addition, you must be comfortable talking in a factual manner about your achievements and be able to evidence your claim.


Interviews are not the place for modesty but equally employers aren’t drawn to braggers and blaggers!  It is about being the best version of yourself, remaining authentic and dealing with that well and reflecting on the responses you are given.


Ask as many questions as you can! Be bold and ask your potential future employer what value they can see you adding (based on what they already know about you) in the short/medium and long term. These are great discussion topics and you can then relate your skills and experience with current and potential future business problems. This could put you in a league of your own with regards potential candidates.


If you are happy with the answers and feel the job is right for you then leave the employers under no doubt that you are interested.  Finding a way to do this that feels natural can be difficult, it needs to be heartfelt and genuine and not appear contrived.


If you feel that the interview has been a success, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback as this could highlight any areas of concern that you can address immediately. Ask about timeframes and how the interview process could work moving forward. This will help to gauge whether you will be called back.

Always remember that employment rights still exist throughout the whole hiring process and an employer cannot legally discriminate throughout the hiring process without there being a genuine reason that is imperative to the job requirements!

Good luck!

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