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"You have taken an interest that many agency staff do not pr...
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"...glad I came across you guys..."   "... Just wante...
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"ÖThere is such a difference in the integrity of the contact...
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Managing your on-line Brand to attract and retain talent It is no illusion, businesses need to manage their on-line brand if they want to attract real talent. Recent LinkedIn studies show; 75% of candidates research the company reputation, on-line reviews and brand before applying for a job and 83% ... December 4th 2019 , 0 Comments Click here to read more >
career Services Blog
Holiday traditions around the world In case you didn’t know, it’s December! The time of year where we let our hair down, spend time with family and friends, and perhaps have a drink or two. The entire month is full of traditions; from Christmas stockings on the fireplace, to a fir tree covered in shiny baubles in the living room. In the spirit of trad... December 10th 2019 , 0 Comments Click here to read more >
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  Following a significant unplanned equipment outage, during a peak in production demand, White Horse provided 5 temporary workers... more  
What do jobseekers say?
  I just wanted to say a very big thankyou for all that you and the team there have done for me. Whenever I have needed work you... more