What should you be looking for in a new employer?


What should you be looking for in a new employer?

Posted 16 December 2022

Good news. If you’re looking for a career change, you’re in the driving seat in today’s job market. Talent scarcity is pressing employers to think more holistically about what candidates want from a new role. This means that while you still need to prove yourself as a worthy prospect, you can afford to be a little more selective. Naturally, you want a job with the best salary package, but what else should you look for in a new employer?

·        Career development progression and opportunities

Career progression is important to all of us. Although you may be focussed on a particular role now, you will probably want to progress in the future. Gain a good understanding of what learning opportunities exist in the company you are interested in.

Find out if there are structured paths to progression through regular performance appraisals or mentoring and leadership programs. If there is a varied choice of work-related courses on offer, this is a good sign your progress ambitions will be met. A culture where constructive feedback is openly exchanged also indicates that employees’ development is taken seriously.

·        An employer with clear values you can relate to

Working for an employer with shared values adds to overall job satisfaction and a sense of belonging. To find an employer with relatable values determine what yours are first. Reflect on your wider hobbies and interests and consider the role you play in them. Do you value learning and fun when you are working?

Then consider companies that invest in training and development and organise social activities and events. If you are driven by results, look to employers that routinely reward achievements. Spend time researching their approach on matters important to you.

·        An employer doing good for the community or the environment

When researching, pay attention to the role an organisation plays in the community. Eco-friendly initiatives such as producing less food waste, adopting a paperless policy, and the avoidance of single-use plastic demonstrate a company’s social responsibility.

Working for a company that spends time on social and environmental initiatives means there’s often opportunities for you to be involved too, giving you the chance to make a positive impact, develop new skills and bring further interest to your role.

·        The opportunity to make a real difference with the work you do

Making a difference at work is important for most of us. Seek an employer who can demonstrate how they listen and respond to employees, one that provides the technology, equipment and resources that enable you to make an impact in your role. A business that dedicates time and resources to recognising effort and success will motivate you to go the extra mile in achieving a visible difference with a project or task.


Take time discovering more about the company you are interested in working for. Explore their social channels to find out about the community activities they are involved in, and what employees’ experiences are. Ask specific questions about development opportunities at interview stages and contemplate your own values and how these are reflected in your potentially new employer.

If you’re planning your next career move, speak to us. White Horse has been successfully placing job seekers in the right role and more importantly the right company for them. Let’s help you get to where you want to be next. Get in touch today.




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