Temp or Perm?


Temp or Perm?

Posted 01 December 2020

'Temp to perm' is a slang term that agencies use to describe a placement which starts on a temporary trial basis. After a set term the candidate, if they are the right fit, becomes a permanent member of staff.

So, what are the benefits?

A temp to perm gives the employer piece of mind. Not only does a temp to perm cost a similar amount as a permanent placement, you have on average a 12-week trial of the candidate working within your business, with your already established employees. Most businesses that we work with are placing more emphasis on personality and culture fit than ever before now so trying to find that just from a CV or a 30-minute interview is not easy.

The same applies for the job seeker! I’m sure you’ve had the fear or even experience of starting a new position scared that the job was over-sold to you within the interview process? Or worse, starting within a new company and realising the culture within the office is not for you? Within the set trial period you, likewise with the employer, you have the option to terminate the contract and ask us to find something new for you with a very short notice period, if any.

When it doesn’t work.

If you’re looking to appoint at management level and looking for a skill-set currently in high demand and low supply (the joys of recruitment, eh?!) Your opportunity may not appeal to people who are in full time employment as they currently have the security of a permanent role. This limits your talent pool in the market so you may decide to offer the security of a straight permanent role. In addition, people who working in a temporary capacity may leave for a permanent position.

When to use this route of employment?

For the employer, the temp to perm route is great if you are looking to fill a role that doesn’t require a high demand skill-set or has a fast-paced business where the environment may not suit everyone. Speed is the key factor with temp to perm positions as there is a quicker turnaround when businesses need to fill a position immediately. It also gives a great chance to test the waters with someone who may ‘look good on paper’ but hasn’t interviewed well or visa versa.

For the candidate, moving into a new industry is the perfect way to ensure it’s the right role for you and ‘get a foot in the door.’ This route will allow you to gain invaluable experience within a position that may be out of your reach initially on a permanent basis.  It could also appeal to employers if you have been out of work for a period of time and you want to ensure that you are making the right decision. Try before you buy!  If you are concerned about the chances of a permanent placement at the end of the contract, speak to your agency and keep all lines of communication open! Recruiters should always have a good enough relationship with their clients to give you piece of mind at the likeliness of the permanent contract arising.

With every person that loves a temp to perm role there is someone who doesn’t. The market is changing and candidates have the advantage of being in demand so don’t delay, your competitors may be quicker than you.

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