5 signs that tell you now is the time to look for a new job


5 signs that tell you now is the time to look for a new job

Posted 05 December 2022

If the mere mention of your current job sends a proverbial shiver down your spine, you probably already know it’s time to think about a new role. But what other signs suggest it’s time for pastures new in your career?

1.     More than the Monday blues

If thoughts of a new working week invade and dominate your thoughts as soon as you’ve left the office, it could be time for a change. Most of us have a tinge of sorrow as Sunday evening fades and we know we have things to do at work the next day. But the doom-filled prospect of having another long, unfulfilling, or stressful week is not something you should experience regularly.

2.     Apathy or whatever

Remember when you first started your job? You were first in the office; you went the extra mile to get projects signed off on time – nothing felt like too much. Novelty naturally wanes, but if you are struggling to stay motivated, and have raised the issue to no avail, there’s probably something fundamental missing in your current job. Clockwatching, taking unnecessary sick leave, dawdling over lunch, and daydreaming are symptoms of growing indifference too. If colleagues are complaining about your lack of input that’s a big red flag right there.

3.     Can’t get no job satisfaction

Finding value in the work we do is one of the most basic needs we have at work. If you feel continually dissatisfied, then don’t linger too long in a role that doesn’t make you feel accomplished. Maybe you have been overlooked for new roles, are exasperated with a change that needs to happen internally, or you’re working in a toxic environment. If you’ve explored internal vacancies and spoken about your frustrations with your manager with no fruition, then don’t wait around feeling discontented, dust off your CV and start your new job search.

4.     The job challenge conundrum

Every job and career path should have an element of challenge in it. It keeps motivation and achievements on track. If there is no challenge or you are over-qualified for your position, and have exhausted ways to resolve this, it’s time to consider your options. On the other hand, if you are finding your current job too demanding this can lead to stress and poor mental well-being. And if there is no access to suitable hours, support from teammates or other company resources, then new beginnings may await.

5.     The greener grass effect

Are you increasingly tuning in to what else is out there career-wise? Are you asking your friends about their jobs and comparing them to yours? If you’re getting into the detail of how benefits packages, wellness programmes and flexible hours compare to your company’s efforts, it’s perhaps time to take an even deeper dive.

Finally, if you are reading this, it’s probably time to look for a new job, or at least dip your toe in the water. Today, candidates have a hold on the job market, with plenty of companies upping their game on what they offer new recruits. Take time researching vacancies in your field and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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